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New City Of Gangsters Gameplay Trailer Showcases Life As A Prohibition-Era Mob Boss

New & updated gameplay revealed ahead of August 9th release

An all-new gameplay trailer has been released for mafia management sim, City of Gangsters ahead of its August 9th release date.

Explained in four sections; Economy Management & Logistics, Relationships & Respect, Threats & Rivals, and finally Establishing Your Legacy, the trailer includes new and updated footage of the playable maps in the game as well as the complex production chains and extensive relationship networks in action.

As illegitimate foundations are placed and influence expanded, heat from the law and attention of rival gangs will also grow leaving players with vital choices usually ending with a bribe or a ‘reminder of who is boss’ in the form of a baseball bat or worse.

City of Gangsters will be releasing on Windows PC on August 9th 2021 and is available to pre-purchase on Steam with 15% off priced at $25.49 / €25.49 / £22.35

City of Gangsters: Deluxe Edition is also available to pre-purchase with added discount for $29.74 / €29.74 / £25.49.


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