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City of Gangsters Launches Pre-Purchase and Playable Demo at Steam Next-Fest

Mafia Management Sim pre-purchase announced ahead of August 9th release

Mafia management sim, City of Gangsters, is now available to pre-purchase on Steam giving early-bird fans great value by offering both the pre-purchase bonus pack content and a 15% discount ahead of its full release on August 9th.

Containing an exclusive starter vehicle, additional portrait customisation options and a unique boss character frame, the pre-purchase bonus pack allows players to look the part as they try to jostle with rival gangs to control turf, sell the most booze and ultimately find their place in infamy on the streets of Chicago, Pittsburgh and Detroit.

The Deluxe Edition is also available to pre-purchase and includes the base game plus the Bourbon Bootlegging DLC which features a whole new map location - bourbon-loving Cincinnati, all new skills, missions and business types, a unique victory condition, as well as location specific alcohol resources.

Players can try City of Gangsters before they buy as a playable demo is now available for a limited time during the Steam Next-Fest from 16th-22nd June. The demo gives would-be mob bosses a taste of starting their own illicit booze empire as they look to exploit gaps in the market and make those all important relationships.


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