Stay awhile and listen.

At Kasedo (Kass-ee-doh) Games, our aim is to publish video games that players will love, but not at the expense of the people making them. We work closely together with enthusiastic indie developers and offer them our vast experience to help get their game in front of a global audience.

Through our vast knowledge of producing, PR, marketing and distribution, we always strive for quality games made by quality teams and we understand that every game and every studio has different requirements.

The support, creative freedom and platform we provide means an indie game can grow without forgetting its roots.


We have balance over here... we have foundations!


Creativity is the fuel to any great game. We firmly believe in developers retaining their creative freedom to deliver the game they envisage, and we understand there isn’t a one size fits all approach. What might work for one game, won’t necessary work for another. We’ll advise, support, be open, honest and will share all our experience as we work together to get the best for everyone.


Indie is who we are and we shout it from the rooftops. We work with some of the best talent from around the world, turning great ideas into something big! Kasedo creates opportunities for developers to showcase their talent and we’re excited for what the future holds.


There’s one thing we all agree on at Kasedo - whether it’s playing, discussing or creating them - we love games! Twin that with our Kalypso Media* heritage and we’ve got the experience and knowledge to deliver quality games to the masses.

*(Tropico, Dungeons, Commandos, Sudden-Strike, Railway Empire)


How we buy games is constantly changing. Being primarily digital, we get our games in the hands of more gamers worldwide, while staying responsive to changes and opportunities in the market. That’s not to say you will never find our games in an actual olde worlde shop, they will just be online first.


Don't take our word for it, listen to what our developers have to say

"As a studio, we know that there is a larger audience for games like Project Highrise out there, but on our own, we just don't have the skills to reach those players.

Luckily for us, Kasedo Games does. Whether it's the right stream or YouTube channel - or whatever's the next new thing - we know we can rely on them to keep pace with where 'our' players are going to find out about new games. With all of their invaluable expertise in the simulation/strategy space, we’re beyond excited to be working with them."

"Bulwark Studios started to work with Kasedo Games in 2014 on Crowntakers. We had been told we could lose some freedom by going with a publisher but it actually did not happen. In 2016 we started to work together on what has become Warhammer 40K Mechanicus.

Kasedo Games has been really close to us since the beginning of the project and has offered us a huge amount of support. As an indie studio it is a real pleasure to work with a flexible publisher capable of adapting and redefining their strategy as the project evolves."

"Once, we were skeptical about having a publisher. There are too many horror stories, and coming from the corporate world, so we had little faith in the system. After working for almost a year very closely with Kasedo Games, all those doubts were dispelled. They have proven to be extremely developer-friendly, understanding our job as game creators, and giving us all the freedom and trust required to make our projects as entertaining as they can be.

So far and thanks to them, we’ve been able to go to a couple conventions (Gamescom and GDC) with many more planned; not to mention we've had very big content creators open their doors and blessing us with very positive articles and videos. Our relationship is based on mutual trust, something very rare in this often hostile and heartbreaking industry."



Are you developing a video game?
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We'll connect with your audience, so you won't have to


done, fertig, hecho, 

terminé, сделанный, 做完

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Project Funding

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