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City Of Gangsters Announces Exclusive Private Beta Program

Mafia management game invites aspiring mob bosses to refine gameplay ahead of this summer’s release

Kasedo Games and SomaSim have today announced the private beta program for upcoming mafia management sim, City of Gangsters.

Aspiring criminal entrepreneurs looking to make a quick buck in 1920s Prohibition USA can sign up for private beta access and help shape the game before it’s release later this year at Players are encouraged to be quick however, with only 100 positions available in this exclusive private beta program.

Successful beta testers will be able to play through an early version of the game's campaign mode in which they will be able to make contacts, set up new legitimate fronts, extort local businesses and build up their illicit liquor empire from the ground up, all while fending off rival gangs and crooked cops.

The latest in the series of Mafia Management videos shows off Operations & Assets. It is also available now to give players an insight into the latest features added to the game so far:

WATCH: Mafia Management Episode 3: Operations & Assets

“As we enter the later stages of development, we’re looking for player feedback to fine tune the game,” said Matthew Viglione, co-founder of SomaSim. “We’re making a unique experience that allows players to focus on production and distribution in one of the most interesting eras in US history. We're going into a private beta to focus on this final tuning”.

“The community is already comparing City of Gangsters to historical and more recent games set in the prohibition era, and we're excited to share our take on the subject and setting,” continues Robert Zubek, co-founder of SomaSim. “City of Gangsters requires you to build a network of people who you trust, but who also trust you, and to plan your business around key relationships. Without knowing the right people, you won’t be able to make or offload any illegal alcohol to make money. The social relationship system is something new in this genre and we're interested to see how our players enjoy it.”

Applications for the private beta are open now and will close on 4th March. Successful applicants will be notified after that. For more information or to join in the discussion, players can head over to the City of Gangsters Discord Channel.


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