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You Gotta Know A Guy - Connections & Trust Explained In New City Of Gangsters Video

New featurette shows the importance of underworld connections in 1920s Prohibition USA

In City of Gangsters, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And when you’re looking to make a quick buck during 1920s prohibition, it’s good to know who’s an ally...and who to avoid in the mafia management tycoon game.

In the second of the ‘Mafia Management’ featurette series, players are shown the importance of making allies, and being vouched for when expanding your illicit booze business on the mean streets of Chicago.

Use your new associates to set up protection rackets, and keep the booze flowing out and the money flowing in. Just don’t get double-crossed.

WATCH: Mafia Management Episode 2 - Connections & Trust

The first video in the ‘Mafia Management’ series is already available and looks at getting started with simple production chains that you’ll need to begin your own criminal empire.

Future episodes will be available each month. Join the City of Gangsters discord channel to get all the latest info and video features when they go live.


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