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Joust for Political Control in Biggest City of Gangsters Expansion Yet

Enter the corrupt political machine of the Big Apple when Shadow Government launches next month

Kasedo Games and SomaSim have today revealed the next huge expansion for City of Gangsters. Releasing on 15th June 2022, ‘Shadow Government’ adds the shady world of political corruption to the mafia management sim which brings 1920s Prohibition USA to PC. With the ability to control city politicians and manipulate laws to your benefit, Shadow Government drastically changes City of Gangsters gameplay from just breaking laws, to directly influencing them on the biggest map yet - New York.

With all new mechanics, finance successful election campaigns with your ill-gotten gains and use your control over large swaths of the city to ensure high turnout of voters who know exactly which ballots to cast. Just make sure you’re backing the right horses in the elections. Because if you lose, your opponents will remember.

Once the local city council members are your puppets, you can pull on their strings to get them to enact – or repeal – various city laws that can help your outfit or hurt your opponents.

The benefits of controlling political power will only increase as your grasp on the city council tightens. Who knows how far you’ll climb? Maybe one day you’ll even get to pick the mayor of the whole city.

Outfit Packs

Alongside the release of ‘Shadow Government’ expansion comes five new outfit packs which add patriotic content to gangs of various nationalities; German, English, Italian, Polish and Irish.

New skills, operations, vehicles, missions, national colors/symbols and legacy goals are added in the different outfit packs to strengthen your national pride as you go about increasing your power across American cities.

City of Gangsters: Shadow Government and the various ‘Outfit Packs’ will release on Steam on 15th June 2022, priced at $7.99 / 7.99 € / £7.49 and $1.99 / 1.99 € / £1.79 respectively.


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