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Diablo meets Cardhunter - with one hell of a challenge - Rezrog to arrive May 31st

Survival guide & new screenshots prepare fans for release

Rarely comes a game with a challenge so great that even the developers have struggled to complete it. With no option in difficulty modes, you are thrust into an ever-changing dungeon wilderness with sheer survival being your principal task. Welcome to Rezrog, which will release worldwide on Wednesday, May 31st.

Evil Wizards, grotesque creatures and hideous tongue-lashing swamp monsters from far around have descended to the darkest depths of the earth where they harvest the power of the gems found there. Take your team of brave adventurers, use your tactical nous and take advantage of enemy weaknesses to wrench the power back dungeon by dungeon in a quest to restore Rezrog to the peaceful land it once was.

Battle through 100 dungeon levels across 10 environments and with infinite procedurally generated dungeon layouts, no two play-throughs are ever the same. Other traps and pitfalls will also stand in your way to make each dungeon more challenging than the last. Testing saw countless players even fall to one of the early dungeons – get your tactics wrong and even the tutorial level can account for a number of your team.

The first in a series of Rezrog survival guides has also been released to show Rezrog’s unique party mechanic that puts a new spin on Permadeath. Enter a dungeon with any one of your team. If they are defeated, they are captured along with all the skills and loot they had acquired - but all is not lost for your fallen hero - come to their rescue, and release them to fight another day. Should all your team be captured however, your quest has come to an end.

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