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The Mission To Re-Home Humanity Amongst The Stars Begins As Ixion Launches

Updated: Feb 27

The book of our life on Earth is over, and we now stand at its epilogue

IXION, the award winning sci-fi/city builder from Kasedo Games & Bulwark Studios, has today launched for PC on Steam & Epic, sparking humanity’s last hope for survival in the wake of the Earth’s demise.

Watch the epic IXION Release Trailer here:

IXION combines city building, survival elements and exploration, into a thrilling space opera. Propelled onwards throughout a gripping narrative & perilous journey, players are charged with finding a new home for humanity working for DOLOS Aerospace Engineering Corporation as the Administrator of the Tiqqun space station.

Maintaining hull integrity, bringing in new resources and managing power consumption will all be tasks of critical importance to keep the station sound and the overall mission alive.

IXION launches in the wake of two major award wins after being crowned Best Strategy title at the Gamescom awards, and the Best PC Strategy game triumph at the NYX Awards.

Deluxe Edition Bundle

As well as the release of the main game, fans will also be able to purchase the Deluxe Edition as part of a bundle, which includes a digital artbook, and the digital original soundtrack from critically acclaimed composer, Guillaume David, who also worked on Kasedo & Bulwark’s last collaboration, Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus.

The digital artbook will contain sketches, concepts and in-game art from the whole development of the game.

IXION and the Deluxe Edition are out now via Steam & Epic on PC. Join the discussion on Discord and Twitter.


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