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Play IXION Your Way as New Update Brings Difficulty Options to the Sci-Fi City Builder

Updated: Feb 27

Update includes new hard mode with new community named achievement

IXION, the award winning sci-fi/city builder from Kasedo Games & Bulwark Studios, has just received a new update which introduces four fully-customisable difficulty options. The free update now gives total control to budding Administrators as they search for a new home for humanity amongst the stars.

Along with a range of fixes and improvements, the update introduces three new difficulty options alongside the intended ‘default’ difficulty mode from the games release in December last year:

  • Journey: For players who want to enjoy the game’s narrative and is recommended for those unfamiliar with the city-builder genre.

  • Default: The intended IXION experience and is recommended for players familiar with city builders.

  • Challenge: An unrelenting fight for survival; this mode is for Administrators who really want to test their skills.

A fourth fully customisable difficulty option is also available where players can adjust a wide variety of game mechanics to their taste. These customisable parameters are also tweakable mid-game if players need a change of pace.

A new achievement has also been added to the hard difficulty setting, challenging experienced Administrators to reach the end of the game under extreme circumstances. Following a competition in which IXION community members were posed with naming the new unlockable achievement, the winning entry was ‘I Give You The Stars’, referencing a quote from DOLOS AEC’s enigmatic CEO, Vanir Dolos.

The new difficulty update and achievement is available now.

IXION and the Deluxe Edition are out now via Steam & Epic on PC. Join the discussion on Discord and Twitter.


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