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Take your turn and restore peace to the lands of Rezrog in the dungeon crawler

New teaser trailer shows a first look at upcoming title by Kasedo and Soaphog games.

The lawless lands of Rezrog will be yours for the taking as Kasedo Games and Soaphog Games join forces to bring the turn-based, roguelike dungeon crawler to Windows, Mac and Linux gamers worldwide. The lands of Rezrog are in turmoil. Evil Wizards and hideous monsters from far around have descended to the darkest depths of the earth where they harvest the power of the gems found there. You must take your team of brave adventurers, use your tactical nous and take advantage of enemy weaknesses to wrench the power back dungeon by dungeon in a quest to restore Rezrog to the peaceful land it once was.

Progress your team through the various environmental settings whether it be ice, lava or swamp, each bringing their very own brand of evil. Other traps and pitfalls will also stand in your way to make every procedurally generated dungeon more challenging than the last.

With its unique party mechanic and table-top aesthetics, Rezrog looks to stand out from other titles in the genre and blend the familiarity of popular table-top games with the adaptive nature of a video game. “Members of our team have always been avid RPG board and video game fans,” said Imants Zarembo, Game Director at Soaphog Games. “With Rezrog we wanted to bring those two things together to create dungeon crawling experience that would show and do things that players of board games usually have to visualize in their mind.” Rezrog’s unique party mechanic also puts a new spin on the permadeath that gamers have come to expect from other roguelike games. Enter one of 100 dungeon levels with any one of your heroes. If they are defeated, they are captured along with all the skills and loot they had acquired - but all is not lost for your fallen hero - come to their rescue, and release them to fight another day. Should all your team be captured however, your quest has come to an end.

The visual style and engaging gameplay can be seen in the teaser trailer which is the very first glimpse at the game and gives a brief taste of what you can expect of the game slated for a Spring 2017 release.

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