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Dance for your life as The Metronomicon is released

Release trailer shows off the game's gameplay & killer soundtrack

Kasedo Games and Puuba are excited to announce that rhythm and RPG mashup, The Metronomicon, is now available to buy worldwide for PC and Mac.

In The Metronomicon, choose how you want to play. Good at rhythm games? Get the longest streak you can with your team of heroes to defeat your enemies. More of an RPG gamer? Level up and hunt down powerful equipment, combining a multitude of newly-learned abilities – switching between tanking, healing, buffing, and damage-dealing classes as needed during battle. However, don’t get lost in the music. Use your spells and abilities wisely in dance combat as all of your enemies have elemental weaknesses. A fire based enemy will be vulnerable to a water attack for example so tactics are key in the musical arena of war!

The trailer also introduces you to the four newly graduated masters of the “rhythmic combat arts” that you would control from the start of the game in your quest to rid the world of mutant controlled dance parties threatening their very existence. Build your team as you progress and become an unstoppable force. Containing 50 songs, including 5 exclusive tracks, the soundtrack for the game features a diverse list of artists with some of the hottest electronic, synthwave, chiptune and indie artists around including Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence, Shiny Toy Guns, YACHT, Perturbator, J-Punch, DJ CUTMAN, and many, many more. The Metronomicon is available on Steam for PC and Mac for £14.99 / $19.99 / €19.99

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