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New City of Gangsters DLC Brings Gambling to the Bright Lights of Atlantic City

Diversify your illegal operations beyond bootlegging in high-stakes expansion

An all-new experience within mafia management sim City of Gangsters is now playable with unique gambling operations, glitzy casinos, and debt management all added in the new Atlantic City DLC available to buy now.

Atlantic City adds new ways to build a prosperous criminal empire during 1920s prohibition, USA, adding gambling dens, casinos and betting parlors as a means of attracting high-rolling clientele to the thriving Atlantic coast.

As operations grow, players must choose how to deal with gamblers when their luck runs dry. Shut off funds and demand immediate repayment, extort debtors to gain interesting opportunities or further extend their credit. Just make sure they don’t skip town!

The new gambling mechanics are accompanied by additional alcohol types, learnable crew skills, a new victory condition, and the new playable map of Atlantic City complete with its iconic boardwalks.

Key Features

New Playable Map: Atlantic City - The loosely connected patchwork of neighboring towns separated by a tangle of bays and estuaries on this map will require some interesting geographic solutions as you build your empire at the shore.

Expanded gambling opportunities: Access gambling earlier in the game and expand more quickly with fewer limits than other cities.

Unique gambling operations and features - Ritzy casinos, high stakes games and glamorous features will keep your discerning clientele entertained and spending:

New alcohol resources - Learn about, acquire and profit from new illicit types of booze that flow into Atlantic City by establishing firm connections among the city’s various nationalities

Atlantic City themed buildings - Explore America’s Playground with its iconic boardwalks and bucolic surroundings.

New vehicle types - To help you shift your illicit merchandise all over coastal New Jersey.

New character portrait items - Additional portrait customization options for your avatar and NPCs.

Unique victory condition - To meet based on the profitability and size of your Atlantic City casinos.

Base Game Update 1.2

To coincide with the DLC release, the new gambling mechanic and debt management will also be available to base game players via Update 1.2 which also patches some balancing issues and adds several quality-of-life improvements.

City of Gangsters: Atlantic City is available to buy now on Steam priced at $5.99 | €4.99 | £4.79.


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