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F***ed Up Fix'Em'Up: Uncle Chop's Rocket Shop Opening Its Doors This November

Outlandish new trailer reveals bizarro new gameplay and upcoming demo

Ready your tools, diagnostic devices and basic literacy skills as the whacky, irreverent (and downright weird) roguelite spaceship repair simulator, Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop, opens its doors to players this November on Windows PC,  PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

The frantic ‘fix’em’up’ challenges players to take the helm at a franchise of the eponymous owner, Uncle Chop. The ultra-tactile mechanics twinned with a roguelite format create a unique and outlandish gameplay experience with an aesthetic and dark humour inspired by TV shows such as Adventure Time and Rick & Morty.


New gameplay, spaceships, repair modules and miscreants are revealed in the latest trailer which also features a sneak peak at boss ships, factions, and the…occult ‘activities’ that go alongside them…oh and donuts.

There’s more good news though, as players won’t have to wait too much longer to get a taste of the gameplay with a PC demo being released on Steam in early June. Follow Uncle Chops Rocket Shop on Steam to be kept up-to-date when the demo goes live

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