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Kasedo Games announce Project Highrise: Las Vegas release date with a first look at all new screensh

New screenshots show off new features ahead of April release

Kasedo Games and SomaSim are excited to announce that Project Highrise expansion, Project Highrise: Las Vegas, will be released worldwide on 13th April 2017 for PC & Mac. To mark the occasion, a set of brand new screenshots have been released showing players the new features for the very first time. Following the success of the base game released in September 2016, Project Highrise: Las Vegas will give players the chance to build and manage the biggest and best resort in town.

The expansion will see players’ architecture and management skills extended to hotels, casinos, nightclubs, entertainment venues, conference facilities and more as they vie with the competition to draw in tourists, high-rollers and the all-important factor…profit. With brand new Las Vegas themed scenarios, new characters and game mechanics as well as optional random events, Project Highrise: Las Vegas promises to bring a whole new challenge to both new and existing players alike.

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