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Kasedo Games begin countdown to Excubitor release with new trailer

New trailer showcases action packed gameplay

Leicester, UK, 17 May, 2016 - Kasedo Games are marking the countdown to the release of tower defence/space shooter, Excubitor, with a new trailer showcasing the heart pounding, explosion laden, gameplay. The battle montage is the penultimate trailer with the final gameplay video coming on release. In the trailer, gamers will preview the frenetic in-game action that will give just a small taste of the 17 upgradable weapons and the powerful attacks of your Hammerhead defence craft as you fight against waves of enemies.

Excubitor, out on 26th May 2016, boasts a wide array of spectacular and diverse environments in which players will be challenged by foes of all shapes and sizes, seeking out the destruction and fall of the colonies. Gamers worldwide will be able to answer the distress call and fight for survival on Steam for Windows, Mac & Linux. Visit the Excubitor Steam page. Excubitor Features

  • Equip the Hammerhead with 17 upgradable weapons that Michael Bay would be proud of!

  • Upgrade the various subsystems of The Hammerhead. Increase your rate of fire with the berserk ability or stun enemies with the shockwave ability, plus more.

  • Defeat colossal sized bosses in epic battles!

  • Strategically build and upgrade 9 turrets. Use the Prism turret that bounces lasers off multiple enemies or the high damage, high accuracy, Gatling laser.

  • Interact with the environment to aid your defence.

  • Four levels of difficulty to challenge even the most experienced players, including NewGame+, the hardest game mode we've ever created! ...featuring new super secret weapons.

  • Replay any level in order to achieve the highest score and gold rank

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