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About the Game

Come on down to Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop, for all your roguelite spaceship repair simulation needs!

Wake up, clock in, fix ships, make friends and enemies, pay rent, upgrade your workshop, ponder the futility of your existence, go to bed and then do it all over again the next day.

On an asteroid-bound service station in an unfrequented space lane, Wilbur carves out a paltry living as a mechanic, repairing as many ships as he can to afford the ever-rising rent payments to his tyrannical boss, Uncle Chop.

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Using a range of tools, diagnostic devices, parts and workshop appliances, you’ll be correcting faults in the modules of procedurally generated spaceships. From simple refuel jobs to total overhauls, get ready to frantically fumble, slice, loosen, tighten, grab and drop as you try to complete as many jobs as you can within each daily time limit. With multiple distinctive ship brands, and a huge range of unique modules, your hands are gonna get real dirty real fast, in some real unusual places.

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Flaunt your basic literacy by consulting branded manufacturer manuals for guidance on diagnosing and correcting faults in spaceship modules, as well as operating workshop appliances. And if basic literacy isn’t your bag, then at least you’ve got pretty diagrams to gawp at! All your IKEA furniture-assembly training has led to this moment. 


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Using whatever hard-earned pennies Uncle Chop doesn’t take from you, you can kit out your workshop to enable you to fix bigger and more lucrative ships, improve your economy by inviting third-party businesses to operate on your premises, and repair a plethora of mystery constructs, the functions of which have yet to be discovered.


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Interact with a diverse range of oddballs as you engage with both anthology-style storytelling and a multiple-ending, overarching narrative. The lore is (*consults notes*) ‘deep and rich and good’, with different factions you can choose to ingratiate yourself with – each with their own inane agendas.

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Narrative and random events, hidden puzzles and upgrades, secret lore – we got all that goodness that ensures each day and gameplay run will feel substantially different from the last.


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Meeting those escalating rent payments ain’t gonna be easy, but chin up, champ – station upgrades purchasable with a secondary currency will persist across gameplay runs, making life a little more tolerable every time around. You’ll also get faster and smarter the more you do the thing, so keep doing the thing!


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