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Recipe for Disaster is a restaurant management and social simulation game that puts you in the shoes of an inexperienced, but ambitious, head chef working towards fulfilling your lifelong dream of becoming an internationally renowned restaurateur.


Along this journey you will be tasked with carefully designing restaurants, hiring and managing the right staff, customising food menus, and experimenting with ingredients to create tasty new dishes that will impress your customers.


Sounds idyllic right?


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Blazing a trail through the highly competitive, fast-paced and stress-inducing world of the food-service industry will be anything but straightforward. After all, this is an industry built around people, and keeping everyone happy, motivated, and fulfilled will require nothing short of a miracle! 

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Serious personality clashes and major skill gaps within your team could really disrupt the flow of service, whilst the volatile attitudes and peculiar tastes of your customers may prove to be the barrier that separates you from those all important positive review scores. 

With perseverance, savvy management, and a great deal of compromise, your restaurant will grow, opening up new opportunities and challenges as you attract ever more demanding customers and critics through your doors. Expand your premises, improve your staff, and walk the precarious line between gastronomic glory and restaurant ruin.


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Assemble your dream team 
Pick from a pool of procedurally generated hopefuls. Consider each individual’s unique combination of traits and skill levels, and how these might affect their work efficiencies, relationships, and customer interactions. Will they fit in? Or will they prove to be more trouble than they’re worth?

Restaurant Building
Customize the design and layout of your restaurants using intuitive building tools and a range of colourful themes. Equip your kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, decorate your dining area, and build storage to hold those precious ingredients.

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Get your priorities straight
Manually assign tasks to your team or keep everyone busy using a highly customisable priority system. Keep a close eye on incoming customer orders and adjust your strategy in
real-time to ensure the highest standard of food and customer service. 

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The customer is always right
Pay close attention to the demands of your customers and adjust your menu to match their tastes. Be wary of dietary requirements, food allergies and unusual preferences.  

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Work ethics
Manage your team’s attitude and stamina levels to minimise the risk of sickness and mid-service walkouts. Some staff will love the tasks that you give them whilst others will loathe them! Be alert to staff thoughts, temporary and permanent trait changes, and evolving relationships within your team.

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Everyone's a critic
Decide how best to deal with the requests and complaints of your staff and customers. Will you be sympathetic or combative? Pushovers and tyrants will soon find themselves out of business so you’ll have to read each situation carefully.

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A matter of taste 
Work with reliable, and dubious, supplier contacts to secure a diverse array of ingredients. Use the intuitive recipe editor to freely create original recipes and add them to your menus. 

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...and that's just for starters 
Updates planned for cooperative and competitive multiplayer, additional themes and room types, health inspections, staff rotas, disasters, and comprehensive modding support. 

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