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Restaurant Management Sim Recipe For Disaster Outlines Early Access Plans

Playable Demo also to be available this month during Steam NextFest

Prep your ingredients and fire up the fryers as Recipe for Disaster, a tasty new restaurant sim, will launch into Early Access later in Q3 2021.

Announced earlier last year as the second collaboration between Kasedo Games and Dapper Penguin Studios, Recipe for Disaster is a restaurant management and social simulation game that puts players in the shoes of an inexperienced, but ambitious, head chef working towards fulfilling their lifelong dream of becoming an internationally renowned restaurateur.

A playable demo will be available to download during Steam NextFest from 16-22 June giving players a small taste of the day-to-day gameplay that will greet them when they open their first restaurant. A developer video summarising what players can expect from this demo version of Recipe for Disaster has been made available:

Following the successful early access period of Dapper Penguin Studio’s last game - economy tycoon Rise of Industry - the early access period of Recipe for Disaster will see players be actively involved in the game’s development and numerous opportunities to submit feedback will be available, plus a community voting period where players will get to cast their vote on certain types of incoming game content, such as new restaurant themes and other key features.

“Recipe for Disaster already has a strong gameplay loop and gives players tons of freedom in terms of building and decorating their own restaurant and creating their very own menu from scratch,” said Alex Mochi, Founder of Dapper Penguin Studios. “By going into early access, it will allow us to offer different gameplay features at an earlier stage so we can get feedback and deliver the best possible game experience on full release.”

“With our experience from Rise of Industry, we know what quality level players demand from an early access release and while player feedback was always acted upon, we want to this time give community even more of a say, and we believe our plan for voting on key features of the game will serve everyone well.”

Recipe for Disaster will launch into Early Access on Windows PC, Q3 2021. Other platforms will follow.

The playable demo will be available during Steam NextFest which will run from 16-22 June.

Players can also join the discussions on our Discord and Twitter channels.


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