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Bank Jobs, Heists & Schemes Coming To City of Gangsters In New DLC

‘Criminal Record’ introduces new roles & money-making mechanics for would-be mob bosses

Keep calm and nobody gets hurt. Powerful new role upgrades and daring new schemes are to be added to City of Gangsters via DLC when 'Criminal Record' releases next month.

Players will be able to specialize their captains into new specific roles, giving mobs their own distinct hierarchy and feel. With the right experience, players will gain access to a variety of new abilities and actions called ‘schemes’, which range from blackmailing a local cop to taking on a risky bank robbery of one of the cities banks.

A brand-new Philadelphia map also provides additional resource production as well as a unique starting condition with potentially lucrative outcomes for those not averse to the odd bank robbery.

Bosses of a certain standing will also be able to set up their own office in a secluded country lodge or stylish downtown penthouse, filling them up with spoils of victory and mementos of their criminal escapades.

As with the previous Atlantic City DLC, a taste of these new mechanics will also be available for free to base game players via Update 1.3.


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