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Kasedo Announces Project Highrise from SomaSim Games

Build and manage a towering skyscraper in the new business simulation game for PC and Mac

Leicester, UK, 23rd February, 2016 – Kasedo Games and SomaSim are proud to announce the exciting new business simulator Project Highrise, where players will be challenged to build and manage a modern-day skyscraper. In this deep, multi-faceted business sim, you will create a vertical ecosystem from a wide variety of units, including offices and other businesses, with more to be revealed. Your Highrise must become the go-to destination in the city for corporate activities, shopping, restaurants, and more.

Managing your sky-scraping empire will be no easy task – growth will require a mastery of the various interlocking systems that are required for each type of establishment to thrive. Office workers will want to grab a quick lunch or coffee. Restaurants and their patrons will value location and convenience. Throw in the challenges of implementing utilities, ensuring easy transport and navigation around the building, and of course managing your finances, and it’s clear that success in Project Highrise will be no easy task.

We are also pleased to announce that Project Highrise will be demoed by the developers for the very first time at the Games Developers Conference 2016, in San Francisco, CA. To make an appointment to see the game, please contact Lindsay Schneider.


  • Variety of tenants – A wide variety of business, leisure and utility units are available, with much more to be revealed

  • Manage your utilities – your building will require a carefully balanced mix of utilities, such as electricity, gas, water, TV and internet access, along with the necessary infrastructures to support these systems

  • Political and civic challenges – your tower will fall under various restraints (height, population, work hours etc) that you will only be able to overcome by earning political favour in the city

  • Sandbox or story – start from scratch and create to your heart’s content, or play your way through a set of optional scenarios

Project Highrise will launch on PC and Mac in Summer 2016. For more information, please visit the Kasedo Games website here. For a first-look at the game in action at GDC please contact Lindsay Schneider to make an appointment.

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