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What are the precautions for installation solar panels?

Precautions for installation solar panels:

1. The installation azimuth and tilt angle shall be considered for the battery panel array.

2. Avoid shielding between battery panels. Including surrounding buildings (power poles, eaves corners of houses, etc.).

3. Stability and fastness of support placement.

4. Routing distance and combiner box position. The routing distance shall be short and average as far as possible.

5. Relevant accessories shall meet the system requirements (such as terminal, wire diameter, etc.).

6. The wiring terminals shall be firm to prevent false connection or open circuit.

7. The battery terminal shall be firm (never short circuit). Pay attention to the polarity during installation to avoid explosion and fire.

8. The controller generally has corresponding power distribution protection measures. However, in the wiring process, attention should also be paid to prevent reverse polarity, short circuit and other phenomena. Avoid unnecessary troubles. Pay attention to the angle of placement and avoid rainwater immersion.

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