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Writing a book: Algorithm of work

Step three: work with the material. Creative people are essentially "receivers. And all information comes to us in different ways: either by insights, or by random associations, or by reading, by seeing and then borrowing, or by reflection. And it is this information that is the basis of the material that must be processed.

However, before taking on the work, one must accumulate a sufficient amount of material.

To make a doll, you have to buy the materials necessary for the body and the costume. And to write a book, you need to accumulate text passages and mentally form an image of the characters and the world, think of approximate events and make a plot out of them.

Working with the material is a purely individual matter, but the more of it - the better. Therefore, it is necessary to take notes: either in notebooks, or in a computer file, or on paper napkins, whichever is convenient. And it is important to write down everything - from short phrases to long conversations, from descriptions of the hero's appearance to the strangeness of his character. And it is just as important to periodically review the notes, to think through and add.

The material for the book is eventually divided into two parts:

theory - these are charts, tables, maps, and lists that give the features of the characters and the world, us history homework help which take into account the pivotal episodes of the story, spelling out the names of the characters, place names, the system of magic or social relations, political moves, etc.;

"live" text - scraps of episodes, dialogues and monologues, sketches of legends and the history of the world or characters.

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