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The challenge is real as Rezrog launches worldwide

How long will you survive in brand-new tactical turn-based dungeon crawler

Kasedo Games is proud to announce that Rezrog, the turn-based, dungeon crawler with a challenge as evil as the monsters that live there is now available worldwide for PC, Mac & Linux. Take your team of seven adventurers and loot items, learn skills and ultimately survive as you try and return peace to the procedurally generated lands of Rezrog, where no two play-throughs are ever the same.

To announce the launch, a brand-new release trailer shows off Rezrog’s stunning table-top aesthetics as well as the endless challenges that you will face at the monstrous hands of over 100 enemies, across 10 environments, containing 100 dungeon levels. Rezrog will test your strategic skills to the limit and force you to make on the spot decisions that will determine the fate of your team. Should one member of your party be defeated in a dungeon, they will be captured. Will you rescue them with another team member or will your whole squad succumb to the tactical test set before you? Normally priced at $9.99, €9.99, £6.99, customers on Steam and other selected digital retailers will receive a 10% launch discount on Rezrog up until June 7th. Start your fight for freedom by buying Rezrog for PC, Mac & Linux on Steam here.

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