Thank you all for your continued support of Distant Kingdoms. We really appreciate your feedback and have been listening to your thoughts and suggestions.

We hear you, and we are changing our plans for the update timeline! Update 2 will now be an overhaul of the exploration and adventuring mechanic to truly meet the vision we had for this part of Distant Kingdoms.

As such, we’ve trimmed Update 1 to allow more design time to create a polished and impactful change for Update 2.

Thank you again, and we’re excited for the updates to come!

Distant Kingdoms Demo Page 1920x1080 v2_

Out Now!

More scenarios for maps

New prop tool for decoration

Placeable walls

Modding support for buildings

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Update 2 art.png

A revamped adventuring system

More choices and world-building

Items and loot

Details to follow soon!

DK Kasedo EA Twitter _ Instagram Announc